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MeTa Pharmaceutical Distributon is a fast-growing pharmaceutical wholesaler, which began operations in February 2016. The company's headquarters and operations are conducted in Kutno, which, due to its central location on the map of the country, is an excellent location from the point of view of optimizing logistics processes.


We specialize in the distribution of raw materials for pharmacy formulation, utensils, as well as dietary supplements constantly expanding our offer and adapting it to current market needs. Acting in accordance with the philosophy that business is people, both inside and outside the organization, and business is quality, our priority is customer relations based on mutual trust and ensuring the highest quality of products supplied and services rendered. These goals are realized through a team with many years of experience gained in the widely understood pharmacy, wholesale and industrial pharmacy, including abroad.

The range of product offerings and services we provide includes:

Wholesale of raw materials for pharmacy formulation needs

Consulting in pharmaceutical analytics

Specialized training

The offer is each time prepared in response to the individual needs of the client, in cooperation we take the initiative, propose solutions to meet the needs, expectations and budget of the project.

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(Headquarters and operations center)

Ul. Marii Konopnickiej 52
99-300 Kutno

Data protection supervisor

Katarzyna Żuławnik

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